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Turkish Towel 101

WAIT! What is a Turkish Towel? 

Only the most versatile towel ever!

Turkish towels were invented in Turkey during the 17th century and are now used in homes around the world. They are a better alternative to terry cloth towels due to their thin design and multi-functional use.

Known mostly for light-weight and high absorbency, a Turkish towel aka peshtemal (pesh-te-mahl) is the perfect companion when hopping out of the shower, laying on the beach or unwinding at the park.

About Us

Ethically sourced and made of 100% all natural materials, our flat woven Beach House towels, robes, and blankets are authentically and ethically made in Turkey.

We travel to southern Turkey every year to meet with our producers and hand-select our products. We work with 2 small, family-owned companies that are based in Denizli; a historic town that is known for its high-quality cotton and excellent workmanship in the southern Turkey region.  

Our turkish towels will change the way you... 


  • Later massive terry cloth towels. Turkish towels are 1/3 the weight of a typical bath towel and take up 1/3 of the space in your luggage.

  • Beach like a pro. No more lugging around sandy, soggy, heavy towels. Turkish towels are all-in-one light-weight material, quick-dry towel, and chic cover-up. Thin enough to let the sand’s warmth seep through to your back, and quick to shed sand when you want to dry off.


  • Shower happier. Wrap yourself in these incredibly soft, handmade towels and dry off in seconds.

  • #Swanky. Store them in an open linen shelf to impress guests with your flawless decorating skills. 

  • Got little ones? Beach House towels are made of 100% natural and breathable materials just perfect for your tiny tots. Turkish towels are also great as changing mats or light blankets.